Do you want to do digital marketing?

Be on the web today is necessary, but no longer enough.

You have to stand out, distinguish yourself. You have to identify a public and know how to reach it.

You need ideas, you need a plan. You need the right products for the right market.

You need an idea. A strategy.

A digital marketing strategy is like a rock band

The bassist is essential because he ties percussions and guitars. We’ll call him analysis.

The drummer gives the rhythm, he is the foundation, the bone structure of the band. We’ll call him strategy.

The guitar player is the soul rock, he got memorable solos that drive the audience crazy. We’ll call him method.

The singer is the leader, the style, the distinctive element, the voice. We’ll call him content.

Remember, you got a unique band.

Do you know what we learn doing digital marketing?

That you don’t have to be a phenomenon on the web, you just have to do th right things.

That a digital strategy without quality content is like throwing away money.

That quality content without media buying means to not be found by anyone.

That creativity without method is a dead-end.

Do you want to be the Guns N’ Roses or Claudio Villa?

Len Solution supports you in the analysis ofweb positioning, studies your competition, analyses strengths and weaknesses.

We offer you a strategy: which canals, how much to invest, how much times, in which geographical areas.

We make you a web platform, we take care of the graphic part, we think about theuser experience, we write SEO texts and we develop a long-term copy strategy to optimize your resources.

We take care of media planning, to give effectiveness and strength to your web campaigns. And finally, we monitor the results.

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